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日本酒をめぐる冒険 Label:001 龍勢(広島県) RYUSEI from Hiroshima

龍勢(RYUSEI) is Japanese sake made by company "FUJII SYUZO"  in Hiroshima prefecture.They began to make sake at the end of EDO era and it was over 150 years ago.They won the top prize of Japan sake contest in 1907.
The name RYUSEI came from mountain "RYUZUZAN(龍頭山)" , because they could make excellent taste sake by using water of this mountain. A chief brewer of sake is Masao Fujii , and he have experience as a resercher at wine maker.RYU (龍means Doragon) is considered good luck in China ,of course in Japan from long time ago.

If you want to know more , please visit their homepage.


Name : 龍勢 別格品 純米大吟醸 (Limited)
Price : 720ml @JPY 5,000  & 1.8L @JPY10,000  
Taste : splendor of getting mellow
How to enjoy :hot , cold ,of cource nomal
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